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Carpet Chocolate

Carpet Chocolate

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Hand-woven rug made of coarse undyed sheep's wool. Size 170x110cm.

A modern design that perfectly complements the leather cushion in the same color, which you can also find here.

Each piece is a handmade original, you won't find the same one twice. :-) Therefore, please excuse any small difference in dimensions or colors. It is made by very skilled women at home or in weaving workshops in the Atlas Mountains, each of them projecting their own imagination into the carpets

How to take care of it: before sending the carpet, we brush it several times with a brush, but we recommend repeating it at your home, vacuuming it regularly, especially from the beginning. In case of contamination, clean by hand, for heavier contamination we recommend a dry cleaner. In the beginning you can smell the sheep, after a few days it airs out

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