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Why Morocco

Hi, my name is Klára, and like any true fan of the film Sex in the City, I fell in love with the second part, when they traveled to Abu Dhabi, but I will tell you something new, the entire film was filmed in Morocco. In the movie, I first saw colorful markets full of perfect things, I started searching on the Internet, watching documentaries about Morocco, and a few years later, fate brought Adil to my path. :-)

Adil knows basic phrases in Czech, but still loves our country, especially Brno and his dream is Karlovy Vary. Adil is in the tourism business, showing Moroccan tourists the beauties of Central Europe - including Prague and Brno.

I soon came up with the idea of importing Moroccan products to the Czech Republic, Adil, as a good partner, supported this idea and several trips to Morocco followed, where we looked for specific manufacturers with the help of Adil's family, so that the money would go directly to them and not to merchants/dealers.

My vision is to bring this natural boho style to Czech gastro establishments, gardens, terraces and, of course, to your homes.

Thank you for every purchased product, for your support and if you would like to learn more about how the products are made and what Morocco looks like, follow us on social networks, or even better, come to Morocco with us. :-)

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